Joanne Baldwin may control the awesome power of the weather, but that doesn't mean her life is easy ... she's on call to fight storms and disasters that an angry, sentient Mother Earth unleashes to destroy humanity.

She's also been accused of the murder of her mentor, and hunted by the Wardens who once called her a member. Running straight into trouble, she'll meet a mysterious stranger who becomes much more ... and so will Joanne, as the story of the Wardens unfolds through nine complete volumes, telling a gripping story of humanity struggling against overwhelming odds.

Smart, sexy, and adrenaline-fueled, the story of Joanne Baldwin is something special, spanning 9 epic books. Essential reading for urban fantasy fans.
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Ill Wind introduces us to Joanne Baldwin, Weather Warden, on the run from the Warden organization after killing her boss. All her power over the weather won't be enough to save her--she needs the help of the most powerful exiled Warden of them all: Lewis. Along the way, she'll meet a rogue Djinn, a sinister conspiracy, and a whole lot of stormy weather.

Heat Stroke takes Joanne on a wild ride as a Djinn, trapped in service to a not-so-innocent young man, and trying to make herself whole once more in a world that thinks her dead.

Chill Factor travels to Vegas, as Joanne tracks down an elusive threat, an old enemy, and a hit man ... who may be the same person. With Djinn unrest already beginning, Vegas is far from safe ...

Windfall arrives like a hurricane to rip Joanne's family apart, and land her in the middle of the storm of a Djinn uprising, a Warden civil war, and a desperate struggle for the world.

Firestorm burns hot as Joanne and David's daughter steps into the fray, fighting on their side, and the lines of battle are drawn between the Old Djinn and the New ... with fatal consequences.

Thin Air gives us a brand new Joanne--memory wiped after the traumatic events of the last few days, she wakes with no familiarity for those who love her best. Despite the handicap, she'll still need to save herself ... and a whole lot of others, too.

Gale Force blows in as Joanne plans for a wedding with David ... and brings real trouble for the Djinn. Something's killing immortals ... and leaving no memory of them behind.

Cape Storm travels out on open waters, chasing after the enemies of the Warden and Djinn alike ... but with the Djinn severely hampered, they're in for a cruise straight to hell.

Total Eclipse reveals the worst case scenario: Mother Earth is awakening from her long sleep, and the Djinn are on her side. Can Joanne and the Wardens stop the end of humanity?

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